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The following community members, leaders, and elected officials
have endorsed Barbara's candidacy for Mayor of Carrboro:

Yinka Ayankoya

Jamezetta Bedford, Chair, Orange County Board of Commissioners

Barbara Jessie Black, Executive Director, CommunityWorx 

Jonathan Broun

Allen Buansi, N.C. House Representative 

Liz Carter, Former Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education

Lori Carter

Bethany Chaney, Former Carrboro Alderperson

Delores Clark

Lorie Clark

Betty Curry

Rani Dasi, Chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education

Nate and Peggy Davis

Sharon and Ollie Davis

Kathleen Ferguson, Hillsborough Commissioner

Lindsay Griffin

Jean Hamilton, Orange County Commissioner

Josephine and Carroll Harris

Donald Hawkins

Lisa Hazirjian

Matthew Hughes, Mayor Pro Tem, Hillsborough Commissioner

Tai Huynh, Chapel Hill Town Council

Margot Lester

Lucy Lewis

Dr. Elmira Mangum

Evan Markfield

Anissa McLendon

Dr. Jennifer Moore, Orange County Board of Education

Danny Nowell, Carrboro Town Council

Michael Parker, Chapel Hill Town Council

Phyllis Portie-Ascott, Orange County Commissioner

Eliazar Posada, Carrboro Town Council

Renée Price, N.C. House Representative

Anna Richards, Orange County Commissioner

Vijay Savaraman

Clementine Self

Soteria Shepperson

Karen T. Stegman, Mayor Pro Tem, Chapel Hill Town Council

Sophie Suberman

Deon Temne, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education

Hudson Vaughan

Charlotte White

Leonardo Williams, Durham City Council

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