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Photo by Trevor Holman

When I was elected in 2017, my platform included expanding housing opportunities, supporting our local businesses, and equal access to decision-making. These priorities are still at the heart of my service.

Housing is a human right. We are continuing the work on affordable & workplace housing in Carrboro. The town is now contributing financially to this effort through a dedicated budget line item for the Affordable Housing Fund. This money, directed by our Affordable Housing Advisory Commission (AHAC), helps to seed the construction of new affordable units as well as the repair of existing affordable homes.  Just recently, there is potential for some tiny homes to be built on town-owned land.  As we develop and adopt our first ever Comprehensive Plan, there will be new opportunities to look at our Land Use Ordinance and improve zoning so that affordable housing is easier to build in Carrboro.  We need to stabilize the foundation for affordable housing in our community and keep focus on affordability through our policies.


The pandemic put a spotlight on the needs of our local business community. The town has worked to support them as much as possible and there is more to be done soon.  We are looking for ways to use American Recovery Plan funding to expand our support.  We also established a BIPOC business roundtable to help connect members of our business community to resources, mentorship, and opportunities to help their businesses flourish.  Carrboro is moving towards a more inclusive business community where the town can help businesses and businesses can also support one another.

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Inclusive community engagement is critical to our work as a town.  We need to hear from all community members on issues and make information accessible to everyone.  Diverse civic participation and leadership are needed in order for us to evolve sustainable solutions to our shared challenges.  Looking through a racial equity lens also opens up a new set of possibilities and will help us be successful in reimagining community safety, climate change mitigation, land use, transportation, storm water management and other issues.

Barbara speaks at Carrboro's 2021 Juneteenth Celebration (13:50).

Barbara speaks about why the Social Justice Rally on June 6, 2020 is important to her.

Barbara speaks (2:20) at the Habitat build: "Community is so important."

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