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I enthusiastically endorse Barbara Foushee for her re-election as Town Council Member.  Barbara embodies the heart and drive that reaches across lines of inequity and injustice, creating a community that truly welcomes us all.  She has the ability to relate to those in leadership, those inspiring to be leaders, and those who are called to uphold leaders. We have been fortunate to witness Barbara's work first-hand and her commitment to ensuring that we all have a voice at the table.

Soteria Shepperson

Soteria & Barbara; photo credit Soteria Shepperson

Barbara and Soteria.jpg
Barbara and Quinton.jpg

Quinton & Barbara; photo credit Trevor Holman

Carrboro is a better place because we have elected leaders like Mayor Pro-Tem Barbara Foushee. Barbara has worked hard for all of Carrboro. I look forward to seeing her re-elected and her continued leadership on the Carrboro Town Council. When Barbara hit the campaign trail in 2017 as a first time candidate, she took her public service and community involvement and truly listened to the concerns of voters. From that, a community conversation on affordable housing was raised. By raising and addressing the critical issue of housing, her campaign was able to increase voter turnout to record numbers, and we've seen significant progress towards our affordable housing goals. 
Her leadership has cultivated folks like me to engage and make a difference in our community, to participate in local government and serve on town council advisory boards. She's elevated the needs of our community during the pandemic keeping residents safe, housed and stable, and our basic needs met during the pandemic. And she's represented BIPOC folks, Black Lives Matter and the importance of Black voices via her seat on Town Council.  Barbara Foushee's leadership on Town Council and her voice in our community matter! Re-elect Barbara Foushee to the Carrboro Town Council! Go! Barbara! Go!

Quinton Harper

Barbara Foushee exemplifies true leadership, a person who passionately cares about her community, and who advocates on the behalf of all. She is authentic and has served the people of Carrboro and Orange County with dignity and humor. I enthusiastically endorse Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Foushee for another term on the Carrboro Town Council.

Chair Renée A. Price, Orange County Commissioner

Carrboro is well served by the unique strengths Barbara Foushee brings in her service on the Carrboro Town Council. She consistently seeks community input and brings historic context to inform key decisions. I am proud to support her reelection campaign. She makes Carrboro better!

Rani Dasi

Barbara has also been endorsed by the following elected officials:

Matt Hughes

Hillsborough Commissioner

Nida Allam

Durham County Commissioner

Jillian Johnson

Mayor Pro Tem, City of Durham


Tai Huynh

Chapel Hill Town Council Member

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Barbara Foushee for the past several years both professionally and personally.  What I have appreciated most about Barbara is her fierce commitment to equity on behalf of the Carrboro community, holding community leaders and her partners on the Council accountable as the town continues its anti-racist journey, all while always speaking her truth.  I am excited for the community that Barbara has decided to seek re-election.  The community is fortunate to have her leadership.

Barbara Jessie-Black

Barbara Foushee earned her seat at the table during her first term on the Carrboro Town Council and I strongly support her re-election. When Barbara began her race four years ago she pledged to expand housing opportunities and promote equal access to decision making. In the time since, she has done just that by leading support for the Affordable Housing Fund and worked to keep affordable housing on the agenda as the first ever comprehensive plan was developed. 

During the eight years I’ve known Barbara, we’ve worked together on many issues. I witnessed her leadership not only in affordable housing advocacy but also in law enforcement reform and education equity. 

Barbara is an intentional listener -- eager to hear from a range of  voices.  I’ve observed her consider differing perspectives to make informed decisions reflecting her values. The challenges our communities face are serious and real. We need experience and continuity as we seek post pandemic solutions. 

Unfortunately, I live outside the town limits so I can’t vote for Barbara but I urge those who can to do so.

Anna Richards

Barbara Foushee has served the citizens of Carrboro well and should be re-elected.  When I think about Barbara's service to the community, passion and compassion come to mind.  She is involved in the community at a level that reflects real issues.  She's not afraid to delve into sensitive topics such as affordable housing, equity, and social justice.  Barbara is inclusive of citizens of Carrboro, always thinking about the best outcomes for all and their human rights.  Carrboro needs leadership that will address issues that are difficult to address and discuss. I hope you'll join my mom and me to re-elect Barbara Foushee.

Lorie and Dolores Clark

I am excited to be able to endorse Barbara Foushee for re-election.  I have witnessed her lead with strength and humility, courage and resilience, creativity and groundedness. She has provided vision for a more equitable and just town. She has shown commitment and action to increase quality affordable housing, helping move critical projects like Perry Place and Cobb Street forward through obstacles and supporting organizations doing progressive racial, social, and environmental justice work.  I have seen her work alongside communities like the Lloyd/Broad neighborhood transparently and thoughtfully to ensure that people of all backgrounds will be welcome and continue to have a place to call home that not only promotes values but lives them too. We are blessed that Barbara Foushee has helped lead Carrboro these last several years, and I want to encourage all those committed to community justice and a better future for Carrboro to help ensure that she is re-elected to serve on Carrboro's Town Council for the next four (and hopefully beyond).

Hudson Vaughan, Northside Neighbor &
Former Director of the Marian Cheek Jackson Center

Barbara brings fresh eyes and a refreshingly sharp analysis to Carrboro's socio-political and economic landscape. She is a fierce advocate for economic justice and racial equity, and she doesn't let outdated popular opinion undermine bold, honest, and courageous action. Barbara is a truth-teller; I fervently endorse her leadership because she tells us what we need to hear, and reveals what so urgently needs to be seen.

Madison Hayes

I have had the tremendous fortune of working with Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Foushee, across our jurisdictional boundaries. Prior to our service on our respective governing boards, we worked together on the Executive Board of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro branch of the NAACP. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions that yield concrete actions. What an exceptional public servant and leader she is.

Allen Buansi

I vote my values, which is why I will cast my ballot for Barbara Middleton Foushee for Town Council this Fall. She has served the community well both as an elected official and as a volunteer – bringing her deep compassion and keen insight to the vital work of social justice, voter protection, economic opportunity and gender and racial equity. As mayor pro tem, she has provided vital leadership to see our town through good times and bad. Barbara is open to new ideas and perspectives and balances them against her values and knowledge of our community to make decisions she believes are right for Carrboro. She knows how local government works – and how to make it work better for all us. Please join me in voting to re-elect Barbara Middleton Foushee to Carrboro Town Council.

Margot Lester

I have known Barbara for roughly 6 years now. When I served on the Affordable Housing Advisory Commission board she was our council member representative. Her passion and drive for equity is precisely what Carrboro needs. I fully endorse Barbara Foushee for re-election.

Gabriel Viñas

I endorse Barbara M. Foushee for Town Council for the Town of Carrboro.  Barbara's hard work and dedication exemplifies her commitment to serving the Carrboro community.  Barbara believes in voicing her opinion and standing up for what is right, even if it means voicing and standing alone.

Jackie Thompson

Barbara Foushee is a true public servant who knows how to have difficult conversations to keep pushing Carrboro forward.  She puts her entire heart into fighting for those who are too tired to fight.  We need her voice at the decision-making table to ensure that Carrboro is equitable, inclusive and affordable for all.  I will absolutely be voting to re-elect Barbara Foushee for Carrboro Town Council.

Sarah Shaefer

Barbara is a fierce advocate for the underserved, the unheard, the vulnerable, and the forgotten. She can be counted on to speak Truth to Power, to question precedent and tradition, and raise perspectives that further relevant, actionable discussion. I value Barbara highly as a colleague and always learn from her on every board and committee we jointly serve on. Carrboro is fortunate to have Barbara representing and advocating on its behalf.

Kathleen Ferguson, Commissioner, Town of Hillsborough

When I first met Barbara over four years ago, she impressed me as a candidate who got in the race with a proven track record of public service and solid theory of change – one that recognized that, to make greater progress on housing affordability in our town, we need more decision makers at the table with an unshakeable commitment to advance that goal. 

Barbara’s made good on that commitment time and again. But even more, she’s distinguished herself as a public servant who brings the voices of underrepresented communities not just by being there herself, but by using her position to bring more people from historically marginalized communities into dialogue about the town’s most pressing matters. From leading a conversation on the disproportionate impact of COVID on Black and Brown communities to doing the behind-the-scenes work to deepen the town’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion on our advisory boards, Barbara has walked the talk every step of the way. She has my strongest endorsement for re-election to Carrboro Town Council. 

Lisa Hazirjian, Carrboro Human Services Advisory Commission, 2008-2021

Thanks to the following donors who have supported Barbara's campaign financially:

 Nida Allam

 Charles Alston

 Lewis Atwater

 James Barrett

 Jamezetta Bedford

 Lindsey Bedford

 Donna Bell

 Moudestine B. Bell

 Farley Bernholtz

 Russell Blackwell

 Vicki & Thomas Boyer

 John Boyleston

 Ryan Byers

 Robert L. Campbell

 Robin Campbell

 Krista Caraway

 Judith T. Carpenter

 Lori Carter

 Rebecca Cerese

 Bethany E Chaney

 Marcia Cordova-Roth

 Carolyn E. Daniels

 Rani Dasi

 Doris T. Davis

 Nathaniel Davis

 Sharon & Oliver Davis

 Allison De Marco

 Mark Dorosin

 Karen Eldridge

 Lucy Faison

 Valerie Fearrington

 Herman Foushee

 Stanley L. Foushee

 Catherine Fray

 Deborah Gibbs

 Jesus Gonzales-Ventura

 Sally Greene

 Trey Greer

 Hongbin Gu

 Cliff Haac

 Brenda A. Harris

 Jane M. Harwell

 Lisa Hazirjian

 Jeffrey Herrick

 Sherika Hill

 Dianne Jackson

 Tanya Jisa

 Anita Jones-McNaire

 Bree Kalb

 Katherine Kaufman

 Margaret Krome -Lukens

 Margot Lestor

 Lucy Lewis

 Elmira Mangum

 Danita Mason-Hogans

 Diana C. McDuffee

 Tricia Mesigian

 Honoria Middough

 Paris Miller

 John Moracco

 Jeff Nieman

 Cristobal M. Palmer

 Elizabeth Parker

 Kathy Peillot

 Heidi Perry

 Celia Pierrce

 Julie Pike, Ph.D

 Eliazar Posada

 Brenda Purnell

 Vimala Rajendran

 David Rankin

 Olivia Raufman

 Anna Richards

 Clementine Self

 Sarah Shaefer

 Frances Shetley

 Lee Storrow

 Philip Szosta

 Natalie Taylor

 Heather Thompson

 Jocelyn C. Tsai

 Thomas & Rita Tucker

 Gabriel Vinas

 Gary Wallach

 Elizabeth Webber

 Rachel Wertheimer

 James Williams

 Stephen Winters

 Elizabeth Ellen Young

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